Sunday, 20 October 2013

Biggest Loser Week Two

Week Two: Track everything you ate in week one (don't lie!) and report your findings!

So I had the brilliant idea of not changing my eating habits one bit so I could see exactly how my eating was effecting my weightloss. Well. Let me tell you I learned a lot.

** Various foods from work include, but are not limited to: Garlic butter french fries, garlic aioli, broccoli, parmesan cheese, pork belly, lamb shank, tomato wedges, fetta cheese, goats cheese, poached/scrambled/fried eggs and/or egg whites, tarragon aioli, fried spiced cauliflower, fish, prawns, brownies, caramel sauce, guacamole, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, hollandaise sauce, fried calamari, smoked tomato risotto, mushroom spelt risotto, sourdough bread, turkish bread, lamb with bbq sauce, roast chicken, marinated eggplant, green beans, green peas, walnuts, smoked trout, smoked almonds ETC ETC ETC.

Seriously working in  a kitchen there is sooo much to eat. All the time. Except I'm not eating like whole plates because dude that would be so gross. I pick at things, that's how I keep going during the day when I haven't had breakfast and won't have a break! So obviously I need to workout more (although Thursday/Saturday I worked open-close so that's kinda excusable) but I think my biggest problem is my diet. I need to be more concious of what I'm putting in my mouth.

Well, let's see if I've made any progress this week!

Week Two Measurements:

Arms: 27 cm/10.5 inches (down 1cm/ 0.5 inch)
Chest: 87 cm/34 inches (down 3 cm/ 1.5 inch)
Waist: 72 cm/28 inches (down 2cm/ 1 inch)
Tummy: 89 cm/35 inches (down 2 cm/ 1 inch)
Hips: 91 cm/38 inches (down 6cm/ 2.5 inches)
Thighs: 55 cm/21.5 inches (down 3cm/ 1.5 inches)
Calves: 35 cm/13.5 inches (down 1 cm/ 0.5 inch)
Weight: 66.5 kg/146.6 lbs (down 2.5 kg/5.4 lbs)
Percentage of body weight lost: 3.62%
Also lost this week: 18 cm/9 inches!!

I am so so so so proud of myself for these results, even though I know that I didn't actually have much to do with them (the working and not being able to eat all the junk food I want did...) Imagine what I will be able to achieve in these next 8 weeks when I'm really pushing myself! I'm so much more motivated now to push harder, dig deeper, and get into the best shape of my life!

Yaaay! See you again same time next week for an update!

Week Three: Go out shopping and buy one item of clothing you want to fit in 7 weeks, share your piece of clothing.
Week Four: Share you favourite workout so far, what time of day do you like to get your workout on?
Week Five: You're halfway already! Switch things up and try one new workout and one new healthy recipe this week.
Week Six: Try going vegetarian for a week. If you're already vegetarian go vegan. Does it change your results?
Week Seven: Push yourself this week and try to find a class at a gym near you! If that isn't an option, try a workout video you've never tried before!
Week Eight: Share your favourite healthy snack and how to make it!
Week Nine: Like the Biggest Loser, it's "makeover week!" Treat yourself to something to make you feel good!
Week Ten: After Picture/Measurements and reflect on your "Biggest Loser" Experience

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