Friday, 25 October 2013

Being Accountable...

I recently read something about Miss Indie and how she was trying to figure out some sort of "formula" to be a successful (ie money making internet famous) blogger. If you don't know about the whole Miss Indie scandal, you can look it up yourself. It's something that I feel has been talked about way too many times and I don't know enough or care enough to comment. Someone in the comments posted about how she was a fake blogger, going through the motions of what should qualify as a successful blog. Now I'm not sure if that's true about Miss Indie, you'll have to ask her. But I realized something... it rings a bell of truth with me.

I've been blogging here at Seductive Mania for the better part of 2 years. I actually started this blog (on Wordpress) in 2010. Only in the past 6 months have I started to build a following and if I'm really honest with myself it's because I paid for them. I got smarter, I joined giveaways and started putting my face on peoples blogs. I've joined link ups and twitter friended. And I have met a handful of really incredible people.

But I don't think my blog reflects me anymore. It isn't my "seductive mania," it's my trying too hard forced and fake face. I've done everything I thought I was supposed to. I got sponsors, I had features, I even had a giveaway or two. I post about fashion when to be honest, most days my hair is up and I'm wearing Trent's AC/DC pj pants. 

I don't like the smell of books. I don't like pumpkin spice and I think milkmaid braids are weird. I love watching bad tv and I put sriracha on everything. I love my boyfriend and travelling makes me so happy. Farmers markets are heaven for me, so are kitchen supply stores and I don't own anything from Modcloth. I have a knife that cost me $170 and don't regret a penny, but I can't justify spending $20 on some cream for my face. My nails are almost always dirty and my toenails perpetually have chipped nail polish on then. Maps make me incredibly happy, I love planning and I love lists. I love scrapbooking, but I enjoy doing it at my own pace. I can't have a deadline and I lose steam at almost everything I do. I buy things instead of making them and my DIY's never seem to turn out right.

I'm far from perfect, but I feel like that was the first time I've ever really been real on my own blog. 

I've decided that the Seductive Mania chapter of my life is coming to a close, but I want to continue blogging. I'll let you know where my new adventure takes me, but for now here are some really awesome women to follow:

Emily from Emma Deer

Thanks for everything xoxox

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