Saturday, 3 August 2013

Whale Watching in Australia!

Okay, today I'm sharing something crazy exciting to me. I went whale watching! (And obviously, I'm living in Australia...) It was thrilling, chasing the whales. We ran down a break wall with the camera trying to get the perfect shot of the whales. I think I might understand why nature photographers do it, although I'm horrible at putting my face behind the camera, I just want to see it in real life!

We saw two whales! Awesome! They were travelling together and were pretty playful, flicking their tails out of the water and splashing about. Apparently, humpback whales are usually more playful (like this!) I can't wait to see a whale do that, I think it'd be spectacular! If I get any pictures, I'll post them! I'm so thrilled to have seen these whales, and I've caught a glimpse of a few others while checking out the surf on some of my favourite headlands (just without my camera, oops!)

This is one of those things that goes on the "Reverse Bucket List," things that I have done that astounds and amazes me.

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