Monday, 5 August 2013

Seductive Life: A Sparkling 21st Birthday Party!

I've never had much luck with birthday parties. To be honest, every single year I get way to excited for something that ends up pretty underwhelming. I'm glad I have this blog to remember that, although only 5 people showed up to my birthday party, it really was a night to remember.

We had the party in Trent's grandparents old house, which has recently been zoned for demolition. I know, we're bad. The house is already covered in graffiti so why not add a little more! We spray painted all over in silver and black!

The one's for you Chelsea ^^

Probably the most fun time was taking pictures of us trying to throw star confetti in the air! None of it actually turned out the way I thought, but we played heaps of beer pong, drank way to much champagne and vodka, and had a great night!

All in all it was a brilliant night! I danced, I sparkled, and I was the happiest almost birthday princess you ever did see!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Your party looks fun and that's a unique way to celebrate it -- I like the graffiti decorations!


    1. Thank you! I celebrated my real birthday a little bit differently... I'll post that in the next couple of days!! :)