Wednesday, 28 August 2013

People Rock: My Surprise Birthday Dinner!

You know how I said the other day how amazing it is to be reminded about what great friends I have? Well having great friends frequently surprises you and makes you feel so awesome. Like when they throw you a surprise birthday dinner. AWESOME.

I'm not usually a negative Nancy, but the first thing I said when I noticed all the people standing there was "are all of these people here for me?!" It was just a shock for me, being all the way across the world and having so many people show up just to surprise me!! No one has ever done something like this for me, surprise parties make you feel so warm and fuzzy!

They tricked me under the ruse of going out to dinner with Trent and his parents. Trent's mom Chrissy told me to dress for warmth because we would be sitting outside... and then when I walked by wearing jeans and a flannel shirt she gave me the once over and said "Are you going to change?" So naturally I decided to really dress up, just to make sure I wasn't under dressed! And I'm so glad I did. I actually said about 20 minutes before I left that I didn't want to go because my hair wasn't doing me any favours!

It was such a great night to spend with my closest friends! Zana and I split a bottle of wine (okay, she had a glass and I drank the rest of the bottle) and we girl gossiped all night. I was sitting on the very end of the table, which meant I couldn't talk to anyone except for Zana and Trent! That's okay, they're my favourites anyway (sorry to the rest of you awesome people!) On top of all of my surprises and delicious Thai food, Out they came with a Toy Story birthday cake! (!!!!) If you didn't know already, I kinda sorta have this little tiny Toy Story obsession. Like I dressed up for the premier of the third movie... on a first date. We probably shouldn't talk about that one though! 

I have to thank, above everyone else, this lovely lady. This is Trent's mom, Chrissy! She's literally the sweetest person I have ever met. She's been like my Aussie mom the whole time I've lived in Coffs Harbour and has made me feel so at home! Thanks for everything Chrissy! (And Gazza too!)

Thanks to everyone who came out and of course a super special thanks to my bestie Zana and my fave boytoy for managing to keep a huge secret from me! 

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