Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dreamworld: The Happiest Place in Australia

Did you know there's no Disney Australia? Seems kinda weird, right? Apparently - according to Google - one was supposed to open in 2013 but helllooo, it's 2013 and there is no Disney... or flying cars. What a disappointment. No need to fret, Disney lovers, for I have found a nearly suitable replacement. Dun dun duuuuuuun: Dreamworld.

^^Hey look! That's me!! Out front of Dreamworld!! PS, I'm totally aware those shorts are extremely unflattering. They were a panic-y "omg I just went to Splendour in the Grass and now all of my clothes are covered in mud except for a dress but I can't wear a dress on a roller coaster" purchase.^^

Dreamworld is one of those great places where there are a million things for kids, and just as many roller coasters. Both of which are my faves! Seriously, the most exciting thing ever happened to me at Dreamworld, but I'll get to that in a second.

^^ First stop, Tiger island. We literally saw a big cat stuck in a tree. It was AWESOME. These two tigers did trick and jumped things and drank a lot of frozen milk.... I could totally keep a pet tiger, right?^^

^^And of course the obligatory stick your face in these and I'll take your photo shots! The wanted picture was me trying to look like an insane criminal... did it work?^^

^^ That awkward moment when you got to Dreamworld and get eaten by a shark... (That awkward moment when you're still saying "that awkward moment" Whatevs.)^^

^^ Our new BFFS, Kung Fu Panda (What's his name? I've never seen the movie), Donkey, Shrek, Fiona, and Puss in Boots. We exchanged emails so we can be pen pals. These new age theme park characters!^^

^^See, best pals! Okay, this one is a fake panda. It wasn't until later we realized we could get our picture with the REAL panda!!^^

^^These rides were super fun, it started raining so we decided we didn't really care if we got too wet or not. Trent made me sit in the front of the log, what a bully. Tower of Terror was SO MUCH FUN!! We went on once at the beginning of the day, and then decided later in the day we'd go on it again, just for kicks. Turns out they needed 7 people to run the ride so we kept getting to go over and over and over again! We went 4 times in a row before we finally decided to call it quits!^^

Ooh, okay now we're getting to the really exciting bit! There's a whole section of Dreamworld that has a whole bunch of animals native to Australia. We saw the endangered bilby, my first wombat, and heaps more! It was by far my favourite part of the whole park!

 ^^Check it out, that's me with a dingo pup and a real live croc, mate!^^

^^KANGAROOS! THAT YOU CAN TOUCH! AND FEED! I.was.in.heaven. Trent thought that I was such a goofball for being so excited (I guess this is like a regular Australian thing?) but after seeing kangaroos hop around everywhere and not being able to touch them this was a magical experience! You can see it on my face, I couldn't believe it!^^

Ok, ok, are you ready for this? Guess what I did?!

^^I HELD A KOALA!! It pooed on me a little bit which was gross but LOOK, there's me (looking sickly pale in that lighting, yuck) with a KOALA. In MY arms!!! He was so soft and cuddley, and someone must have been heavily sedating him with eucalyptus because he was literally like a teddy bear. What a lovely little fella, I never wanted to let him go!! Whenever anyone asked me how my weekend was, my response was always "AWESOME, I held a koala!" Apparently this makes me weird. No one in Australia is actually jealous of that... so that's why I had to put it on my blog. Look everyone, be jealous (or not, but just look because I think it's incredibly cool!)^^

Holding a koala also happens to be number 21 on my 21 Before 22 List, so check that one off!

^^On our way out we ran into Kenny Koala and Belinda Brown, who are sort of like the Mickey and Minnie of Dreamworld. They're sort of more awesome because they're koalas and not mice, but they're also less awesome because Kenny and Belinda are awkward names (no offense). None the less, Trent was about as excited as I was seeing a real koala to see these two. He insisted we take a picture and you can tell by his grin he was happy about it. It's all about the little things, right!^^

Farewell Dreamworld, you really are the happiest place in Australia. Until we meet again, my fine furry friends. 

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