Saturday, 22 June 2013

Rory Gilmore Book Club!

When I was in living in Massachusetts, every single teacher seemed to be a fan of the dreaded book report. I hated book reports, I loved reading the book but over analyzing every single detail in the book seemed like a waste of time.

At the same time, my mom joined a book club. Every month she would go out to a friends house after spending her free time devouring whatever chick lit they decided to read that month. One night, they held their meeting at our house. I had long since gone to bed, but I wandered downstairs all sneaky-like and saw a room full of women with their books by their sides forgotten, half empty bottles of wine, snacks. They were laughing, it seemed like so much fun! When I asked my mom why they weren't talking about the book she said that wasn't the point.

They read the books during the month, and then they came together and talked about it for a couple minutes, and then she got to hang out with her friends for a couple hours every month!

Edit: I have since been informed by my mother that they were actually reading complex literature and had intellectual discussions, the wine and cheese was just a bonus. Sorry mom! ;)

I want to have wine and snacks and hang out with my (internet) friends every month!! 

Enter the Rory Gilmore Book Club!

Someone else has to love love love Gilmore Girls the and admire Rory Gilmore's extensive book collection the same way I do! Every month, I will pick a book to read, off of this list and then at the end of the month I'll post some questions and answers and drink some wine and eat some snacks and live tweet about the book during the month on twitter and you can join in if you want!

This month's book is....

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult! Funny enough, I think this may have been one of the books my mom and her book club read! How appropriate!

If anyone wants to join me on this book club adventure, just send me an email or leave your email in the comments so I can send you the book club questions to link up every month!

The questions will be sent out on July 15th and the first official "meeting" of the Rory Gilmore Book Club will be on July 25! I hope to see you there!! 

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  1. what a cute idea! i loved gilmore girls so much :) my sister's keeper is a great book, i'm sure you will love it!

    1. I've read My Sister's Keeper before, it's fantastic! So sad though, I can't wait to read it again!