Tuesday, 4 June 2013

11 Things About Me (Again!)

If you've been a long term reader (I'm talkin aboutchu Lecinda) you'll remember about a year ago when I did this post! Things have changed a bit since then, and I'd just like to share another 11 things about me to any and all new readers!

This is the technical mumbojumbo:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post. *I'm going to answer my own questions and then write new ones*
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

one. I feel terribly awkward in front of a camera, I think I make weird faces which is why I always end up purposely pulling strange faces!

two. I love love love to travel and I have literally moved across the world and am now living in Australia! I have been to Cuba, lived in Lake Louise for a year and have moved all over Southern Ontario!

three. I have four tattoos (sorry mom!). The one on my collar bone says serendipity and was my very first tattoo, it signifies my faith in myself and humanity, good things will happen to good people! The infinity sign is on my wrist and matches my bestest friend in the world's tattoo, we got them together around her 19th birthday. Even though we're 15,000 km apart every time I look down at my wrist I think of her. The two bows on the backs of my thighs are my latest (and biggest!) tattoos. I <3 them all!

four. When I get nervous or uncomfortable I start talking as if I'm making a business proposition. (for example after being seen in my underwear by a co-worker: well this is a rather uncomfortable situation, do you concur?)... it's not normal!

five. I can devour books. No, not literally. But when I sit down to read a book I get sucked in and can read for hours on end. It's just the finding the time to sit down and read that seems to be an issue!

six. I much prefer tv shows to movies. I like to get invested in characters and I find that movies have a difficult time being in depth and giving all the necessary information to really develop a back story!

seven. I almost never wear makeup or do my hair. Chances are, you'll only ever see me with a messy bun, and very very "fresh faced."

eight. 97.86% of the time my socks don't match. And 4/5 times I tell people statistics, I make them up! ;)

nine. Besides travelling the world, one of my major life goals is to one day own my own cafe. I'd love it to be filled with tons of fresh home baked goodies, amazing coffee, and a really really great atmosphere

ten. I'm a planner. I make plans and I swear I try really really hard to stick to them, except sometimes I lose focus... I can't tell you how many projects I've started and never finished! (i.e. 50 shades of Christmas)

eleven. I have an issue with breaking things. Oops. I've gone through 6 laptops and 4 cell phones in the past 3 years. Yikes. I swear it's not me, I'm cursed!!

On to the questions...

1. Do you have any guilty pleasures? Oooh yes, bad tv, kinder surprise eggs, and loud Justin Bieber just to name a few...

2. What is something important you are always forgetting/forgetting to do? Say please! I'm trying super hard on this one lately, I'll ask someone a question or for them to help me with something and it takes a second for me to remember to say please! Oops!

3. What is your biggest pet peeve? When people say "nother" really bothers me... (it's another or other NOT nother!!!)

4. Boxers/briefs or bikini panties vs thongs? I like my regular bikini panties! 

5. What was your longest relationship? I believe that one rings in at around 17 months!

6. What's a talent that you've kept secret? I actually can pick up anything with my toes, I'm very talented with my monkey feet!

7. What is your signature dance move? I'd have to go with the shopping cart... or maybe the helicopter!

8. What is your favourite word? Serendipity :)

9. What is your favourite breakfast food? Eggs Benny yuuuuum, gimmie that hollandaise sauce, yo!

10. If you were offered $10,000 to shave your head, would you do it? Absolutely! I've always wondered what I would look like bald... and $10,000 could buy a couple of wigs!

11. What is one item of clothing that you wish you could wear, but can't (because of body type, skin color, climate, etc..) All of those big baggy clothes that are soo grungy and hip right now, my body type just won't allow it! Too many curves gosh darnit!

Tag! You're it! Lecinda, Erika and YOU! If you're reading this you're tagged, make sure to leave a link to your post! I want to get to know you! 

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  1. Hehehehe!! I do remember!! I happen to love tv shows especially Greys Anatomy and Suits and Once upon a time and doctor who and oh i love it! I also devour books *high five*! and your number four is hilarious!

    1. I have to start watching Once Upon a Time and Dr Who, I've heard amazing things about them! Sweet *internet high five* :p I'm just a weirdo ;)


  2. What a perfect post for me to start with! Your blog is too cute. xo

    1. Thanks sweetheart! Glad I could help you get to know me a little, your blog is also so adorable!


  3. Hey Becky, thanks for visiting my blog, I thought I would repay the favour, and now I feel like I know a lot about you :) Nice to meet you, cute blog :)

    1. Thanks! Glad I posted! :) Nice to meet you too, I'd love to hear things about you!!


  4. I love reading all your answers and I am so with you on bed telly:) Love it. Kisses

    1. Haha, bad telly is the very very best (and I love that you say telly!!) I hope I get to read your answers!


  5. Oooh thanks for tagging me Becky! I really enjoyed reading your responses and getting to know you better! :) I agree with you on a lot of them, like the television vs. movies one! :)

    Here are my responses to the 11 questions! :)

    1. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
    Yes! Mine are quite similar to yours -- "bad" tv and pop music and candy!

    2. What is something important you are always forgetting/forgetting to do?
    Hmm, I'm not the best at checking my e-mails or remembering important dates or just remembering to look at my calendar in general

    3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    Don't have many... I guess I don't like my nails touching anything weirdly scratchy, like blackboards or lotto tickets or picking nailpolish off... just really bothers me!

    4. Boxers/briefs or bikini panties vs thongs?
    Hahah regular?

    5. What was your longest relationship?
    Oooh, haha, I'm going to keep mum on this one! Hehehe!

    6. What's a talent that you've kept secret? 
    I'm not a bad singer but I'm too embarrassed to sing seriously in front of anyone

    7. What is your signature dance move?
    I've got a killer robot!

    8. What is your favourite word?

    9. What is your favourite breakfast food? 
    Pancakes and/or waffles

    10. If you were offered $10,000 to shave your head, would you do it?
    Hmm, maybe… tax free? Haha

    11. What is one item of clothing that you wish you could wear, but can't (because of body type, skin color, climate, etc..)

    Strapless dresses… just… too difficult for me… Or baby doll dresses in general. :))))

    1. haha, vacation!! :) So weird, I'm not a big fan of pancakes, but I LOVE waffles!

      Loved reading your answers!


    2. Haha, carbs + sugar + syrup are pretty much a win for me anytime! :)

  6. omg we sound so similar love from across the pond xx

    1. Really!? I'd love to read some facts about you - it'd be nice to get to know my bloggy crushes :) Across the pond! Tell me more about your magical land!!