Monday, 20 May 2013

Travel Dream... Iceland!

If you know me at all, you'd know that I'm kinda sorta obsessed with Iceland.

I think I have been since I read The Princess Diaries way way back in the day and Mia loved Iceland. So I did some research, turns out I love Iceland too. 

Common misconception, Iceland is actually pretty green. Greenland however, is ice. Silly vikings mixing them up! Iceland is, however, 11% glaciers. Aka ice. I guess they were 11% right?

One of the greatest things about Iceland is the way they produce their energy. They invented geothermal energy and therefore have pollution-free heating, naturally hot water, and use rivers to take advantage of the natural power they produce! Who's green now!

Looks chilly, right? Actually, there are tons and tons of hot springs on this little island, caused by the friction of the two tectonic plates Iceland is situated on top of. Sounds dangerous, but with more than 20 active volcanoes I think they've got a couple of other issues to worry about! 

If you get lucky you'll see the Nothern Lights, probably in the winter months, but you'll sure get chilly! Average winter temperature in Iceland is between -3 degrees and plus 2 degrees Celsius (that's nothing for us hearty Canadians, though!)

With a Scandinavian island only slightly bigger than Ireland and a whole heap colder you can't expect anything less than some deadly vodka to keep you warm. Brennivin aka Black Death is distilled at 80 proof and considered Iceland's signature drink. Yum!

Last week I got the most exciting news, I'm going to Iceland!

My parents know how much I've always wanted to go and my parents have booked a 5 day vacation for them and my family next February! I'll have to start studying up on my Icelandic! Only 269 days away...!

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  1. This is so exciting, Becky! AHHHH it's going to be fabulous! I want to go to Iceland now!!!!! :)

    1. I know!! I'm so excited!! It's an amazing place I've always wanted to go!