Monday, 22 April 2013

How To: Properly Pin to Pinterest From a Blog!

While doing my 9 Things I Love Today posts I find that there are a lot of pins on Pinterest that pin to the proper blog, but don't link to a specific post! Which means, when people like me are looking for a specific picture I have to scour the blog for the specific post so I can link it properly!

So here's a crash course on the quick and easy way to properly pin from a blog post! So say you're just browsing along, and you see a cool blog post. Wow, Preparing for Aussie Winter you say! Cool!

Maybe I should pin that!

STOP RIGHT NOW, thank you very much! If you were to pin that post from my blog's home page, forever and always that pin will link back to my blog's home page. So the cool Aussie winter staples you're trying to show your friends after a little while won't work and they'll have to look through pages and pages of my blog (hey, maybe that's not such a bad idea!) in order to find the one post they actually wanted!

So, let's save everyone the trouble and pin like this:

Click on the link of the blog post!

Once you see that the link has changed from the home link (in this case to the post link ( so now every pin from that page will now be correctly sourced!!

Little things that will make internet life a lot easier!

 photo bottom_zps3f6b182c.jpg

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