Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Seductive Life Recap Part 3: Life Down Under

Living in Australia is strangely familiar ... Although it appears I've brought the bad weather with me. We've seen nothing but rain for the past week! I've been loving the sun and the people and exploring as much as I can!

(click for larger pictures)

Our first day in Australia we went to a headland, I've been back here probably a dozen times since, probably one of my favorite places to just sit and stare at the ocean!

Being silly!

So many little differences between here and home (Canada)! Rice Bubbles = Rice Crispies, and Sultana Bran = Rasin Bran!

I'm actually holding a penny lizard, and do you see that TAAAN!!

We went four wheeling at Friendly Creek and got to stop and get out in the water! So cool!!

This is my latest boytoy ;) And yes he is an Aussie and YES he has an accent!!

Zana and I taking typical bathroom selfies, but whatever guys because we look cute!

Keep you updated on my travels, Coffs Harbour is beautiful but I might be headed somewhere new in the next couple of weeks!!

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