Friday, 1 June 2012

May Goals Revisited


  • Read 3 books - for realz this time though. woohooo! I read Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain, and The Pact by Jodi Piccoult (< ok ok, I re-read it)
  • Make it through the first 3 weeks of Insanity. yah, um. faaail !
  • Document the summer with pictures every single day!  my iphone has been getting a workout... not so much my camera though!

  • Start a SAC yearbook. unfortunately not. although nothing with SAC has really gotten going yet.
  • Start project life. Eugh! I want to! I need to! I "haven't found the time"
  • Don't let myself get caught in the downward blogger spiral. Really, this is an opportunity for me to be more creative. Embrace that. Although my blogging was a little less than frequent in May, I never doubted my creativity, only put it on the back burner due to other important life events!
  • Make a blog calendar. Oops... June?

All in all, Not a complete failure! 

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